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Studio Swine Bespoke Button Covers

 Studio Swine is looking to jazz up your wardrobe this year with the “first ever clippable button”.  Azusa & Alex have spent over a year prototyping, perfecting and testing the worlds first clippable button, which are now available for pre-order.  Studio Swine reminds us that style is in the details but sometimes those details or accessories can become…. well, predictable.  By creating an accessory that grants the wearer the ability to add flair in a matter of seconds can be  advantageous and cost effective.  Here is the perfect excuse to freshen up that shirt that you cling onto every year for sentimental purposes. In a matter of seconds, you can have a set of new buttons or a stylish  pair of cufflinks. 

Studio Swine Bespoke Button Covers  

 Create your look: A silver set of solid square gems on a formal white shirt for a contemporary art deco style, a gold set of perforated hexagon gems on a blood burgundy shirt for Tudor feel or the full set of eclectic shapes for a bold tropical modernism look.- Studio Swine


  • 18 karat gold or genuine silver plated buttons with designer’s hallmark
  • Precision cut, engraved and individually hand finished
  • Buttons can be worn as a single item or as a set
  • Small eye-catching detail on casual everyday wear or the finishing detail for more formal occasions
  • 7 different unique designs inspired by modernist architecture
  • Light enough not to pull on your garments
  • The buttons unclip easily for no-fuss laundry

See more of Studio Swine’s Button Clips at and Support their campaign at

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