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Speakeasys: Underwear With a Private Pocket

I really had to take a moment to readjust my face and gather my thoughts upon viewing Speakeasys. Googling “Flask underwear” yielded some interesting results and even introduced me to an underwear pouch that turns your crotch into a beer [...]

April 28, 2013 Briefs, Men, Menswear, underwear
Scott_Mcfarland_7 copy

Scott McFarland Knitwear

One piece of advice I always give to a designer with natural talent is – you do not need a degree to succeed in the fashion industry.  However an MFA in knitwear and features in multiple prestigious fashion weeks can’t [...]

April 27, 2013 Knitwear, Men, Menswear, Scott McFarland, Women's Wear

HART: Artery Leather Bag

I think it’s safe to say that you’ve hit a home run when the consumer’s first reaction is a giggle; I totally giggled.  These sweet little heart shaped babies just make me happy!  Crafted from imported leather Hart Bags exude [...]

April 24, 2013 Accessories, Artery Leather Bag, Hart Bags, Purses, Women

Sword & Plough: Repurposed Stylish Military Tote Bags

Stylish, durable and repurposed, Sword & Plough has figured out a way to transform military surplus fabrics into an awesomely designed tote bag. Sword and Plough’s Tote Bags are made from  re-purposed parachutes, canvas tents, Gore-Tex sleeping bags, and an [...]

April 23, 2013 handmade accessories, Kickstarter, Military Apparel, Military clothing, Totes
Short and Savage

Short and Savage: Thought Provoking Christian Wear

Short + Savage  aka Short & Savage is a creative Christian label that shares its faith through thought-provoking designs and custom “Subtitles”.  Matt Lu alongside his wife and friend “Skateboarding Ninja Mark” spearheaded this project after spending a great deal [...]

April 21, 2013 Christian, Kickstarter, Matt Lu, Menswear, Short and Savage, T-Shirts, Women's Wear

Arquebus Clothing Company: Motivational Clothing

Arquebus Clothing is a spiffy brand that captures life’s principles, practices and philosophies on a boldly color tee. Founded in May 2011, Owner and Creative Director Daniel Eshue directed his skills in creating candid designs that are reflective of life’s [...]

April 14, 2013 Arquebus Clothing, Casual Tailored Menswear, Inspirational, Men, Motivational Clothing, T-Shirts, Women's
Pin_Show_Hueso_Outlaw banner

Hueso Outlaw by Anthony Muelle – Texas Roadwear

It’s been a few weeks since the Dallas Pin Show and we’re already feeling a bit nostalgic.  Going back through our photos that night reminded us of the immense talents we brushed elbows with that night.  One of the most [...]

April 6, 2013 Anthony Muelle, Hueso Outlaw, Men, Menswear, Pin Show, Pin Show Dallas 2013, Roadwear, Westerm Wear