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Arquebus Clothing is a spiffy brand that captures life’s principles, practices and philosophies on a boldly color tee. Founded in May 2011, Owner and Creative Director Daniel Eshue directed his skills in creating candid designs that are reflective of life’s lessons and personal values.  By merging great design with inspirational and  motivational quotes, Arequebus creates a witty and stylish form of self expression with a hint of class. In present day this is quite rare, instead we’re sometimes greeted with  loud and  obnoxious illustrated tees where the wearer begs for attention. By choosing the latter, Arquebus becomes part of a much needed solution.

Arquebus Clothing Company Motivational Shirt
Arquebus Clothing Company Motivational Shirt

 Arquebus aims to create designs that expresses the resilience and dynamics of the human ability.
The idea behind Arquebus was to be able to produce designs that not only looks cool but also have a meaning that people can relate to everyday or at any moment in their life. Arquebus designs are expressive, bold, positive and wearable by everybody. The style aesthetics ranges from vintage to contemporary but the style is really the messages through the designs. Inspiration for the designs are from history, philosophy, life and from personal experiences of the Brand Creator.

Arquebus Clothing Company Motivational Shirt
I Thought I was Wrong
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