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I think it’s safe to say that you’ve hit a home run when the consumer’s first reaction is a giggle; I totally giggled.  These sweet little heart shaped babies just make me happy!  Crafted from imported leather Hart Bags exude that quality appeal without sacrificing the fun… fashion should be fun… These bags are FUN!  Artery bags are offered in different sizes to accommodate the minimalist as well as the fashion diva and the color is that perfect shade of red that pops against any ensemble.  I hope I’m not over stepping my boundaries by saying I can’t wait to see this offered in pink and maybe black too… but let’s not jump the gun!  First we have to get through a successful Kickstarter campaign, THEN we can start talking new colorways.  Check out these photos and drink in the awesomeness that is Hart Bags.



The story:
I came to San Francisco as a design student from Indonesia. I fell in love with its people, their friendliness and openness to diversity; the cool and artistic vibes in every district, the unpredictable weather (but it’s ok!) and of course the city itself as a whole. Inspired by the heart-shaped statues in San Francisco with it’s unique shape and geometry and its bold classic red color, I decided to create the Hart bag with the goal of spreading love in the city and the whole world because love is contagious. I chose quality leather to ensure long lasting durability. After months spent designing the bag, prototyping it and creating samples, I researched the market and tested the bag by personally wearing it. I was greeted with smiles and compliments, passer-byes were also curious about where to get the Hart bag.

Hart_Artery_Leaher bag


The Hart Bag has a reasonable price for it’s quality. It is made of genuine leather on the exterior, soft cotton suede for interior, and it has a refined hardware and accessories. It is intricately handcrafted by a skillful artisan who ensure precise stitching and tailored for durability. The bag can be used as a shoulder, cross-body or clutch. It comes in two sizes: Artery (big) and Artery mini (small). The quality control of craftsmanship is the most important aspects of this design as we had our valued backers in mind.



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