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It’s been a few weeks since the Dallas Pin Show and we’re already feeling a bit nostalgic.  Going back through our photos that night reminded us of the immense talents we brushed elbows with that night.  One of the most unforgettable fashion stars was Anthony Muelle of Hueso Outlaw.  Here’s a little reminder of what he brought to the runway that night:

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Our conversation with Anthony was full of surprises.  I didn’t expect to learn that he wasn’t of a traditional fashion background, because his line was so unique and well, fashionable!   I didn’t expect  him to take so much time to talk to a couple of strangers from Envynde, explaining his line, showing us the fine details that separate Hueso Outlaw from the average shirt.  But what I really didn’t expect was to become a Hueso Outlaw fanatic.  I challenge you to read the mission of this company and remain unchanged:

No glamour. No glitz. All grit. Hueso Outlaw is a new vintage apparel line where Vegas ends and Texas begins. It’s a revival for hot rodders and bikers that thunder down the street with a guttural growl, meant for those outlaws born with a rowdy bone. This is where rock & roll meets the road.

Think of it as an extension of yourself. It’s a lifestyle look that fans of rockabilly, psychobilly, Americana, cowpunk, biker rock, surfer guitar and lounge noir will love. The line includes signature “bone” snap shirts using artistic prints contrasting with tailored sleek lines and bold colors, graphic tees and functional, but durable accessories. It’s a six-string, lone wolf, badass expression meant for those that live loud and ride hard.



Hueso Outlaw_Pin Show


“What you’re feeling right now, that white hot feeling on the back of your neck… that’s your inner outlaw screaming “OOOOOOW.”  Hueso Outlaw has that effect, which is how we know it’s here to stay.  We asked Anthony, “What’s next?”  At that moment  he was taking orders and getting ready for his first production run.  THAT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL!  This is the step most indie designers dream of but never get to…  So if Envynde history will continue to repeat itself – this is the part we invite Anthony to a one on one interview; then he accepts; and we bring you more behind the scenes goodness to help designers like YOU get your line off the ground.  Hear that Anthony?   Your move!

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