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Short + Savage  aka Short & Savage is a creative Christian label that shares its faith through thought-provoking designs and custom “Subtitles”.  Matt Lu alongside his wife and friend “Skateboarding Ninja Mark” spearheaded this project after spending a great deal of time figuring out ways to openly share their faith as missionaries. As you may know, different countries have special laws that prohibit foreign missionary activity and foreign religious organizations. So how does Short + Savage  overcome these obstacles?  Simple. Unitizing his ninja abilities, “Skateboarding Ninja Mark”(Real name)  came up with the ingenious idea to add the bible verses underneath the shirts. Sparking a conversation about one’s faith  with awesomely designed shirts has just gotten easier.

Short and Savage Thought Provoking Christian Wear

The Subtitle verse, in English and Russian (but customizable for your group’s needs), takes the last verse from this section: “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Born from sketches on napkins and conversations over shots of espresso, the answer came in the form of “The Subtitle”. It was a simple message, explicit truth through a verse printed in both English and Chinese on the inside of a t-shirt that, when flipped to the front, delivered the punch we were looking for: opportunity. -Mark Lu

Short and Savage Thought Provoking Christian Wear

 Coupled with dynamic designs that drew upon skater, hip-hop, and underground cultures, this provocative yet subtle idea solidified the vision of short+savage. Fast-forward to now, and you’ll find we haven’t changed much – our shirts still push the boundaries and we’re still trying to deliver the Word in the best way we can.

Short and Savage Thought Provoking Christian Wear

 The Subtitle verse, in English and Japanese (but customizable for your group’s needs), comes from Isaiah 40:11- “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart.”

 Short + Savage 2012 Lineup

Short and Savage Thought Provoking Christian Wear

The Mission:

One of the most common questions we hear is:
How do I tell my story?

It’s probably one of the greatest challenges we’ve encountered, at home and especially abroad. What can spark that conversation, what can lead people to ask you why you do the things you do? A shirt can. Just ask MG about his conversation on a flight from Beijing to San Francisco, or WF about his encounter at a local coffee shop, or KL about handing out shirts to homeless youth at her workplace, and you’ll quickly realize that short+savage provides a way to start the talk, build relationships, and plant seeds.

We love to talk. We love it even more when our shirts talk. You may not be fluent in Romanian or Uzbek, but our shirts might be and they can help bridge that language barrier. So no matter where in the world you are called, short+savage can print a shirt with one of our designs and a verse in the language of the country you are headed to.

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    We meet you at Life light texas, Really enjoyed it, and the laughter was great also. Will be purchasing more on line. Caution Angry shirts! lol (spider slayer) lolololol