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I really had to take a moment to readjust my face and gather my thoughts upon viewing Speakeasys. Googling “Flask underwear” yielded some interesting results and even introduced me to an underwear pouch that turns your crotch into a beer dispenser. Yes you read that correctly, a beer dispenser. This contraption is better known as the “Freedom Flask” and pegs to question, “Why don’t you just use a real whiskey flask?” Maybe this was the “A-ha” moment for the designers of Speakeasy Briefs. Of course you could always carry your “Hip Flask” in one of your front pockets, but then that leaves little room for your keys, wallet and etc. You could carry it in your back pocket, but then it’s no longer incognito. So now your left with a few choices that are probably not as convenient and brilliantly designed as these briefs.   Though placement could be a bit off putting for some, during cooler weather your booze will remain at a reasonable temperature. If your still sportin’ a fanny pack, Speakeasy Briefs offers even better security clearance. Check out their illustration below:


Flask Underwear

“Speakeasys are an innovative combination of fashion and function. They offer a style that says, “you should see me in my underwear,” while providing a pocket that says, “it’s none of your business what’s in my underwear.”
We aren’t here to tell you how to live, that’s not our style. We just want to make sure no one else is telling you how to live either. The Speakeasy pocket is ideal for carrying items that you don’t want other people to take from you. Common examples include: your passport, wallet, keys, cell phone, and flask.
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