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Stylish, durable and repurposed, Sword & Plough has figured out a way to transform military surplus fabrics into an awesomely designed tote bag. Sword and Plough’s Tote Bags are made from  re-purposed parachutes, canvas tents, Gore-Tex sleeping bags, and an everlasting USA military legacy.  Not only are the bags environmentally friendly, Sword and Plough works with manufacturers with veteran sewers who are transitioning to civilian life. So in addition to purchasing a stylish sustainable bag enriched with history, you also help create US jobs and empower veterans! Talk about a win-win!


Sword & Plough bridges veteran empowerment, sustainable design, and classic fashion all in one product. We are a quadruple bottom line (people, purpose, planet, profit) bag company that works with American veterans to repurpose military surplus fabric into durable and stylish bags.


We use only recycled, natural, and organic fabrics. If the fabric doesn’t have a cool story, we won’t use it. These repurposed military materials paired with rich, local, Colorado eco-leather combine to make classic and durable designs.


All of our materials are made in the USA and at least 80% of each bag is made from repurposed military surplus material. Given these sources, there’s a chance that material color may vary slightly from bag to bag. That is the beauty of upcycled military surplus. Each piece of surplus carries a unique legacy that is visible in its slight color variations.


1. REPURPOSED for a PURPOSE. From recycling military surplus, to working with veterans, Sword & Plough delivers high impact through its durable and stylish bags.

2. 100% Made in America. Our products are hand crafted in the U.S. from raw materials made within the United States.

3. Genuine. Our team is led by a U.S. Army officer and her sister who grew up in a military family. We work with manufacturers with veteran sewers who are transitioning to civilian life.

4. Inclusive. We want you to join our story! By owning a Sword & Plough bag, you become a model for veteran empowerment, positive social change, and style!

5. Environmentally Friendly. By upcycling military surplus material, S&P uses up to 95% less energy and raw materials than bags made from non-recycled materials.


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