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We really wanted to set ourselves apart in our philosophy. We decided to express this philosophy through clothes, which we absolutely love. The basic idea is that we wanted to do something innately North Carolinian and to bolster the industries that were once so predominate in our state, but have fallen away, such as textiles, agriculture, and manufacturing. Clothes seemed to align with this goal well, and we set out to accomplish what we could.-Lumina

Lumina Clothing Company Ties

Lumina looks to resurrect the Carolina textile industry by providing modernistic neckties, bow ties, button-down shirts and pocket squares at respectable prices. Based in Raleigh, NC, Lumina takes great pride in producing 100% cotton garments that are domestically sourced in the USA. In addition to their clean-cut styles, Lumina is much more than a clothing company of superior quality and clean-cut oxfords. There’s a philosophy to match, a philosophy that offers a firm commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. A philosophy that was recently reinstated to solidify the core values of a company that had peered into the world of retail. Nobly, the founders of Lumina distinctly explained their mishaps and vowed to return to the key principals that initially shaped the company. Lumima is deserving of our applause, and this is indeed a step in the right direction.

Lumina Clothing Company Ties

Our Pledge

  • To provide USA-made clothes at a better value, we have to sell directly to our customers;
  • We need to focus on the exact audience we want to reach and have more customer interaction
  • We want to supply versatility and variety by offering more options, released throughout the year;
  •  And finally, we want our outlook on Lumina to be more like the NC state motto: Esse Quam Videri, “to be rather than to seem.” When we sit down to design for Lumina, we want to do everything we can to make the best products possible and to make Lumina a company you want to believe in.
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