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If you are of the select  few who have jabbed holes in your newly purchased belt with a kitchen knife, this belt may be for you. If you are one of the many few who have staked your belts with a nail and hammer, this belt may be for you.  Undeniably I have done this many times over the years and for every belt that survived the tortuous hazing, neither survived the test of time. Either the belts became eyesores or slowly unraveled through multiple wears. We all know choosing a belt is somewhat of a task, but what I don’t understand is why many of these belts don’t have an adequate amount of notches. Sometimes our favorite belts don’t hug a new pair of  jeans as well as they should, or just maybe you decided to gain an extra pound of muscle for the summer.  So this pegs the question, ” Why is a belt  built to be flexible but remain inflexible with our daily lives?”  According to Karl Kozak of Trakline Belts, this doesn’t have to be the case.


TrakLine Belts

1 – PERFECT FIT:  In this ever-changing world, you need a belt that adapts with you, every 1/4 inch of the way. Trakline belts conform to your exact waist size, every time you put it on.

2 – ADJUSTABILITY:  It’s true, Trakline belts are 8X’s more adjustable than traditional belts. That’s because they offer over 40 sizing positions to choose from. Traditional belts have only 5.

3 – NO HOLES:  That’s right.  No more worn-out, stretched-out, augmented, poor-fitting belt holes to deal with. Instead a modern, hidden trak system that lasts longer and conforms to your precise waist size.

4 – QUALITY:  We only make products that we want to wear >> and we like quality stuff. The buckles are solid stainless steel and the belts are full-grain leather.



Consider that as you work, walk, eat, sleep, play – your waist size naturally fluctuates.  Unfortunately, traditional belts only offer you five 1 inch spaced holes.  So I made it my mission to find a better functioning, better fitting belt.  But when I scoured the marketplace for a product that could adapt to my ever-changing waist size AND look good doing it… I came up empty. That’s when I got inspired to create a whole new kind of belt.


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  • slumplump

    i love my trakline belt. stylish, comfortable and easy to use.