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We-Flashy is a line of retroreflective clothing built for contemporary sensibilities. It uses industrial-grade, ANSI-rated retroreflective material— the same kind crossing guards, police, and firefighters use.

We use clean, modern designs as our canvas, and add customized reflective elements to make you stand out. And since our reflective material responds to direct light, it’s great for use on busy streets—but barely noticed indoors. It also sends light directly back to a camera during flash photography, causing the garment to glow in photographs, making for stunning nightlife pictures and video.

The 2010 brainchild of  Alex Vessels & MindyTchieu, We-Flashy looks to illuminate the mind, body and soul of the individual. Each garment is handmade and takes two-three weeks to ship. Why you ask? Well, We-Flashy not only wants you to look and feel “Flashy”, they wish to preserve the environment as well. By completing orders upon purchase, We-Flashy reduces excess waste from would-be inventory. Smart! In addition to the reflective nature of the shirt, there’s and added bonus of “protection”. We-Flashy reflective line provides a way for you to be seen while participating in any activities during dusk hours.

        How We-Flashy Works:

Retroreflective material sends light back in the exact same vector as its source. For instance, headlights of a car would illuminate retroreflective material, the reflected light is directed in the exact direction of a car and its driver, not in all directions.

reflective clothing for modern times

Awesome concept and designs, we look forward to We-Flashy’s 2013 clothing line release!

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