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Lombardi Leather:Buckle-Less Handmade Leather Belts


If you ever wondered how those tiny holes magically appearedĀ  at the base of your favorite shirts, you may be surprised to know that your belt buckle should receive some credit. Scratches on the back of your guitar? Yup, those were probably caused by your mighty belt buckle. Suffering though similar experiences, Lombardi of Lombardi Leather offers a bold and stylish solution.


Our buckle-less belt design philosophy can be simply summarized as follows: aesthetic beauty with functional utility. Leather as a medium triggers multiple human senses and strikes an undeniably satisfying primal chord in everyone. Reverence of a well worn leather good is an inexplicable phenomenon of human nature that our products aspire to earn after years of use.


Unique. Individual. Distinctive. Desirable. These words describe the purpose of our company. We want to capture the connection between what you wear, why you wear it, and how it makes you feel.


No more belt buckle tattoos on the back of your beautiful guitar! Our buckle-less belt will allow you to strum along in comfort. No more sliding that big brass buckle around your waist while on stage. We have designed a convenient pick holder into the belt so you are never left searching.


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