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Normally when I blog my purpose is to educate the public on indie fashion, draw attention to new talent and (let’s face it) help our indie designers make money!  Cuz these bolts of fabric don’t buy themselves!  Today my intent is simply to make your jaw hit your keyboard; to make you take a second look at “Dallas Fashion”.   So truthfully… when you think of Dallas fashion a certain boot scootin’, cowboy hat tippin’, large haired, rhinestoned buckled image appears in your mind (and you’re not entirely off the mark).

But something tells me you might not envision this:

Whitney in creation color

Ooooor this…

Whitney in Harlem 4 bw

Definitely not this…

Goddess in White BW

And would it just blow your mind if you knew this was from a Dallas based designer?

Black Ice

Blog ImageI supposed I’ve teased you enough.  The visionary and creator of these magnificent creations is Antonio Wingfield of Wingfield Inc.  If I had to describe him I would have to say – If Jean Paul Gaultier and Liberace had an art baby it would look a LOT like Antonio.  As a young designer out of college I had the honor of interning for Antonio; this is why we wanted to kick start our new “Friends of Envynde” series with Antonio Wingfield.  He taught me to look beyond a pretty face to the real beauty within; he taught me that a model is more than a “human hanger”; he encouraged me to let down my guard and experiment with my natural creativity.

Inspired by Diana Ross and a woman’s beauty, I watched as Antonio sculpted each garment into a second skin; an extension of the wearer.  The detailed beadwork, the unique drapes and killer head pieces… Exquisite.  Antonio is indeed an artist in every sense of the word.  Not only a sculptor of fashion but a painter, novelist, playwright, director and a bit of an actor.  You’re just going to have to check out his website.  This post would just be way too long if I included all of his accomplishments but here’s a little taste:

Photo Shoot
Vanity 36 color black and copper

This is the sort of thing usually preserved for the highfalutin but Envynde’s bringing it straight to you!  BOOM!  My goal today was to inspire you.  So, how’d I do?

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