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Mianzi Fashion: Luxury Special Needs Clothing


Mianzi Fashion is a ingenious sustainable clothing line created  for individuals who suffer from excessive drooling, also known as Sialhorrhea.  Tired of seeing his son 11 year old son in a bib, Richard Kligman embarked upon the journey of creating a brand that caters to the special needs community. Sustainable, absorbent, and  comfortable, Mianzi  becomes a convenient  replacement for bibs and an extra change of shirts.

 Mianzi is the first luxury fashion line meeting the needs of the special needs community.

Mianzi Shirts

My son Moishy lost oxygen at birth and has cerebral palsy and one of the outcomes from this was low muscle tone in his mouth causing him to drool. After looking around for a product that was high quality, quick-dry, anti-bacterial, anti-odor, and absorbent and of course beautifully designed and super comfortable, I realized it did not exist and so Mianzi was born.


For people with disabilities or the elderly that have a drooling problem, we add in an extra layer of material in the inside of the shirts across the chest area. This works to keep our most important customers both dry and comfortable. In addition, we have snaps placed on the shoulder to make these shirts easier to put on and take off since many special needs people, including my son, has a head sensitivity.

Mianzi Shirts

The shirts are made from 70% Bamboo Rayon and 30% Organic Cotton. We originally wanted to go with 100% Bamboo Rayon, but we realized the shirts would not hold well and would tear more easily. The organic cotton gives the shirt strength while still holding true to our Eco-friendly ideals and comfort.


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