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Rocking a Krisp shirt from clothing line The Krisp”  will guarantee a few double-takes and awkward looks as you fashion throughout your day. But lets face it, some people  aren’t bold enough to wear a Krisp shirt that may be deemed offensive. Those individuals are usually cut from a different cloth and oftentimes help become trendsetters through social acceptance. The founders of “The Krisp” wish to harness this notation and help create a new standard while dazzling the masses with their designs .  ” We know using profane language on shirts is not conventional, but that was our idea. We wanted something new. We have no desire to hurt or insult anyone who view these tees. Our intention is not to have a negative impact on the viewer, but an impact of something new and different, all the while staying stylish.”


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We always wanted to make a tee shirt line, but we did not want to make something that people have already seen. We didn’t want mainstream designs for our shirts; we wanted designs that had the “Wow” factor. We wanted to make what other people like us want. Something different, something raunchy but classy.


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