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YOURS Shoes Quality Canvas Leather Footwear

What truly makes YOURS unique is its ability to be the ultimate casual shoe. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing jeans, slacks or a suit, you will still look great in a pair of YOURS. Partially, this is what makes them great and the other half is the fact they were shot on location at the Salt Flats. (Ok I’m kidding, but the Salt Flats of Utah was an excellent choice for the shoot.)

Welcoming in the Fall are a pair of sharply dressed “Darker Red” YOURS. The excellent choice of dark red matched with a white collar and sole is somewhat hypnotic, magnetic to say the least. But I guess this could be said for all of the above as it’s merely a matter of person style or taste. Overall I really do love the excellent choice of contrast in the F/W Collection and can’t wait to see what’s in store for Spring/Summer 2013.

Black Leather Low Cut 
Glimpse of the Charcoal Grey Canvas’s
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  • donald

    your imformation is vey intresting and very helpful to find out product like these.our web of Women’s Fashion Accessories having also collection of women’s product.

  • Erin

    I love Yours footwear! I have a pair of the greys, I get compliments all the time. They are awesome shoes.

  • Cookie

    Fantastic! I put a pair at the top of my wish list. That heather gray pair will be mine! Or the burgundy pair… or both…