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Charlie Hustle is that mule kick of nostalgia that any sports enthusiast will immediately appreciate.  One look at Charlie Hustle’s tees and a quick  visit to their site becomes a reminder of the “Greats” we idolized in our early childhood. How could I ever forget Kansas City’s legendary David Cone? I was nothing more than a mere thought when Cone signed to the KC Royals, but it only took a glimpse at a Charlie Hustle shirt to recall my memories of his sheer greatness. If this is the mission behind the brand Charlie Hustle, consider it accomplished.  Created to “Preserve  The Old School ” and strike up those random conversations with strangers of the glory years , founders Chase McAnulty & Josh Riesgo  are doing their best to preserve these memories in a one awesome looking tee.



We take great pride in the power of quality rather than exchanging it for a quick buck. All our products are American-made and well cared for. We use premium fabrics and insure every single item is prepared to our specifications before being sent to market.



We miss what was good about true vintage, not only the garments of the past, that 50/50 stuff, but the stories those t-shirts told. We’re bringing those stories back to life, using the t-shirt as our canvas to express that. Our goal is to consider thought of those days and seek our generation’s appreciation of what was there before us and continue that legacy of prestige.


 Charlie Hustle is also a private label. In distinguishing ourselves as a serious brand we’ve manufactured and stitched in our own tags. Vintage tees can be identified by the tag in the t-shirt. From Screen Stars (Fruit of the Loom) to Champion Blue Bar, anyone familiar with the history of textiles knows the importance of the tag. We wanted to incorporate that into our brand instead of confusing the message on our shirts by slapping a logo underneath.


Having the opportunity to work with Negro League Baseball is a huge step for our brand and even more so an opportunity to teach America’s youth about that era. With this project we will be able to build an entire collection of tees and art around the Negro Leagues and really tell their triumphant stories of not only what baseball was like back in that era, but the experiences those players went through.

These are the small things that matter to us, that matter to our fans and separates us from just another t-shirt company. We not only want to share the stories of our greatest pastimes, we want to create a brand that our followers are proud of and can in some way be apart of.


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