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Giaroye Tailored Street Casual Menswear

Giaroye continues to be an impressive line of Men’s clothing year after year. Of course, this year was no different.  Giaroye’s 2013 Spring/Summer Collection appears to be much more sophisticated than its previous and also seems to be the evolving direction of the brand. Gia and Oliver continue to defy the trends and deliver unique contrast colors, lines and not-so subtle details.

From the distinguished Gioroye back-patch to a well designed yoke , Gia and Oliver have cleverly stitched their names and experience into every garment.

 Giaroye Tufnell Biker Jacket
Equipped with a Giaroye Panda patch and distinctive sleeve plackets, the Tufnell Biker Jacket may just add more glide to your stride.
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