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Original Grain Rosewood

If your looking to jazz up your  your timepiece collection, take a moment to check out the latest wrist candy to hit the streets. Original Grain specializes in designing unique wooden stainless steel watches which are explained to be the latest of trend and  “Down right boss”. So what exactly do the founders of Original Grain mean by this? The mission behind Original Grain is relatively straight forward, “To transform the modern day meaning of “OG” from someone who only represents original style into someone with an equivalent level of class. A person whose motives align with their goals.” Generally speaking, these are individuals who wish to be taken a bit more seriously.  As stated by ABTW, “Being taken seriously is a simple formula: being noticed + valuation of worth = degree serious perceived. The watch will help get you noticed, and the watch you are wearing will indicate the value of your worth.”  Can we give a round of applause to OG for simplifying this formula with a inexpensive luxury timepiece? Sure  we can, because we both know that these watches are absolutely stunning.


Original Grain Rosewood Watch Original Grain Rosewood Watch

In today’s world nobody makes it without a little hustle and an undeniable level of determination. It’s the drive that gets you out of bed every morning and kickstarts the day…because it’s at that very moment you know you’re one step closer to reaching your dreams. -OG

Original Grain SandalwoodWatch Original Grain SandalwoodWatch

We have spent the last year sketching out designs (literally with crayons in the beginning), working with people in the industry to develop prototypes, tweaking those more times than you could imagine…

Original Grain Maple Watch Original Grain Maple Watch

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