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The MostRad™ Minimalist Wallet with Integrated RFID Protection

MostRad Minimalist Wallet

Weighing in at at 1.2oz and equipped with integrated RFID( Radio-frequency identification) protection, the MostRad wallet is bound to organize your pockets and guaranteed to add pep to your step. Undoubtedly there is nothing cooler than whipping out your wallet and flicking out your bank card in a moment’s notice to complete a purchase. Brandon Stastny of MostRad can’t guarantee this as the ultimate chick magnet, but owning a MostRad wallet will surely give you a head start. Though the wallet packs a heavy punch of awesome features, the feature I most favor is its minimalistic design which only demands the necessities.




MostRad Minimalist Wallet

For years, being known as “that guy” with the 5-pound wallet spewing out change, receipts, and gum wrappers every time it made an embarrassing appearance outside of my pants pocket, I realized it was time for a drastic change.  When designing the MostRad™ Minimalist wallet, I had four main priorities in mind.  I wanted to bring the customer comfort, speed, style, and security all at an affordable price.


MostRad Minimalist Wallet


With a depth of just 6.4mm, the MostRad™ Minimalist wallet slips in your back or front pockets with ease.  Sit in comfort, you’ll forget you’re even carrying a wallet.

MostRad Minimalist Wallet


I’ve incorporated an on-the-go pocket on the back of the MostRad™ Minimalist so you can utilize your favorite card without ever having to open your wallet.  In and out with just a slide!

MostRad Minimalist Wallet


The MostRad™ Minimalist retains classic and premium leather styling that most modern day minimalist wallets today simply lack.  Offering the quality and style of a designer brand wallet at a much more affordable price, the MostRad™ Minimalist stands as the perfect alternative.


Most Rad Wallet


With the increasing threats of wireless identity theft, I wanted to make sure my personal information was secure.  After contacting dozens of manufacturers, I finally came across one that was able to incorporate an RFID protective coating within the lining of the MostRad™ Minimalist ensuring your protection and security against RFID identity theft.


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