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Just about everyone has that “one” cap they refuse to toss  because of it’s  sentimental  or vintage value.  Sometimes it can be as simple as not have the right colors to match your gear for the season. There’s a host of reasons why we  no longer wear our favorite caps and if I had to guess, I would place bets on a faded or worn brim. After several years of folding, washing  and collecting dust, the brim of your cap may start to look and feel like(in lack of better words)  crap.   Jay Bonadio of BrimSkins wants you to know that you options and it’s time to “Stop Fitting In and Start Standing Out.” Made to customize the old and the new, Brimskins is sure to have you busy for hours customizing your cap collection.


BrimSkins is an Orlando-based headwear accessory company, which allows you to customize any hat. BrimSkins was founded in 2012, and is one of the most unique and highly demanded products to hit the headwear industry in a long time. All skins are made with the same philosophy that the consumer should STAND OUT from the crowd, not just fit in. Once applied, this unique headwear accessory can be dampened, frozen, and even left in extremely high temps, and will hold its original look and feel.  You can even remove your BrimSkin after any length of time, and it will not damage your hat, leaving it in the same condition before you had applied your BrimSkin.


We at BrimSkins are dedicated to providing high quality products for those individuals that are seeking the spirit of individuality.  Our inspirations come from our everyday life style of action sports, music, and the culture that connects them. Stop Fitting in…and start standing out.


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