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What makes an outfits special is the details; individual details as unique as the person wearing them.  Details perhaps small enough to fit in your pocket…  In this case, that would be a man’s pocket square.  This tiny detail alone can take a boring outfit to bravo, am I right?   Without further ado, may I present to you – Altruism


Our mission is to use fashion as a outlet to enhance one’s self imagine, to improve self confidence, ultimately leading to more positive behaviors.

Company Overview
Altruism LLC is a gentleman’s fashion accessories line created to enhance the human preception by customizing a stylish and classy look.Our aim is to create high quality, yet affordable products that help men look stylish, sophisticated and distinguished.Just as we have chosen the giraffe as our company’s symbol because of its distinguished presence among its peers, our goal is to created products that are a cut above the rest by paying close attention to detail.Our products are custom made in the USA. Therefore, creating more jobs, as well as providing an economic boost right here at home. We believe we can change the human preception by merely enhancing their look. Hence, our motto: “Changing the Preception by the Look!”

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Brilliantly blending sophisticated textiles with vibrant trim colors, the gentlemen of Altruism are not bound by the traditional American standard of fashion; allowing you, Sir,  yes you, to take your look to the next level.  The designers of Altruism are in a word – inspiring.  They have a vision and that vision starts with these pockets squares and will not be fulfilled until they are a house hold name outfitting men worldwide from head to toe.  Keep your eye on Altruism, guys and gals, and watch this line transform from pocket squares to a true lifestyle brand.

To see more from Altruism search @altruismllc on Pinterest or Instigram or reach out to them on Facebook.

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