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Marcus Duffin of anycuff  has just transformed the world of cufflinks as we know it. As you may know, magnetic cufflinks are nothing new to the realm of fashion. But granting you the ability to rock a pair of cufflinks with any shirt in your wardrobe; that’s a game-changer. The ability to jazz up  any shirt on the fly creates distinction, and the more distinction  between you and the next person the better. Made from solid stainless steel and armed with the strongest magnet available for commercial use(N52), anycuffs  are built to be the conversation piece that will never tarnish.






 As I walked through my closet later that evening putting together my outfit for work the next day, I started to wish that I could wear cufflinks on all of my beautiful non-french cuff dress shirts. Then all of a sudden BAM! The idea for anycuff links popped into my head. I created the first blueprints, made a prototype and filed my invention with the US Patent office. I needed to partner up with an expert in the fashion industry in order to bring this product to market,  so I asked around and was introduced to Chris Zownir, the owner of Cuffwear, he makes custom branded cufflinks for some of the biggest companies in America like Google, Facebook, Pepsi  and Lexus. Chris and his team designed an amazing first line of anycuff links, created a custom packagaing design and developed a plan to have the Kickstarter community help bring this product to production. We have the patent designs, moldings, packaging design and production team ready to go.

Anycuff has teamed up with Chris Zownir of to help deliver custom corporate cufflinks such as:Facebook, Google, Target, MTV, BMW, Heineken, Crystal Head Vodka, Under Armour, Amstel Light, Acura, Keurig, and Lexus. The possibilities are endless!


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  • Katherine

    What a great idea! The amount of people I know who would jump at the chance to buy these is huge, I really hope it gets there!

    They clearly make great corporate cufflinks and would surely be a fantastic talking point in any business meeting, especially when it becomes known they can be used on any cuff.

  • Joe

    Love the idea – wish I had it myself. Can’t wait to buy a pair