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Haunted Collection Seventh Ink

The much anticipated Haunted Collection IV from Seventh.Ink has finally arrived and are quickly disappearing at a blink of an eye! The “Pumpkin King” (seen below)  will undoubtedly draw well-deserved attention as we march into the final days of Halloween.  If you haven’t ordered yet, no sweat!  Shipping at Seventh.Ink is amazingly fast and your shirt will be on your doorstep  before you can say, “Clandestine Cat.” Seriously, shipping at Seventh.Ink pretty darn fast.

Pumpkin head shirt

If your looking for something  a little less horrid but just as awesome, Seventh.Ink has also released the “Clandestine Cat.”  But there’s something just as great as it’s design; it glows in the dark! No matter the age, anything that glows in the dark deserves a stamp of approval.

Glow in dark Halloween Shirt

Glow in dark Shirt

Seventh.Ink Haunted

The limited edition Haunted Collection IV is produced in limited quantities and are sure to fly!
Claim yours before it’s too late at:

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