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Lexell Stone Watches: A Stone & Stainless Steel Watch

After crushing their initial goal of $15000 via Kickstarter, Lexell is gearing up for their release of the first ever stone & steel watch. I can’t help but regret not finding out about Lexell sooner, but I’m extremely appreciative for Stephen notifying us of their existence. I can help but marvel over the beautiful  granite, slate  and quartzite bezels that grace the face of each watch.  I only wish I had the opportunity to take one of these on a test drive. The quartzite bezel complimented with the black casing is sure to be all the charm and allure necessary to “One of a Kind” bragging rights.  As a watch enthusiast, I look forward to adding a Lexell to my rotation.

Lexell Stone Gold Watch

Our name represents what our watches are all about; the simple fact that is more than OK to stand out from the crowd. In 1770 a comet passed by earth, closer than any other comet in history; it was named Lexell’s comet. Lexell represented the closest chance humans had to reach up and grab their dreams. We wanted to pay homage to Lexell’s Comets and the notion to push forward each and everyday.

Stone Watches


During our search there were some self-proclaimed experts that said we were wasting our time. That it “takes to long to cut these pieces.” On top of that, in the eyes of most stone-cutters and quarries we were a very small fish in a big pond. They didn’t see a large incentive to patiently work with us through R&D. We came to a realization, it wasn’t that it couldn’t  be done, we just had to find the right people to do it. This is often the case. The first 4 months of our journey felt like we were moving at a snails pace; hopping from one factory to the next. After hearing NO more times than we care to count and visiting factories on 3 continents we were FINALLY able to put a team together that could make it happen.

Lexell Watch


Lexell Rock Stone Watch

Watch made of Stone

Granite Watch

Gold stone watch

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