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Cheryl Curtis, designer of Saisonniers’, has portrayed one of literature’s most tragic romances into haute couture in her Autumn / Winter 2013 line.  Though inspired by Romeo and Juliet, Cheryl thrown a sort of 1970’s twist into the mix with her wild tights and vintage prints.  I can dig it!  Saisonniers’ has crammed so many different elements into one collection: the dramatic lace outerwear and brightly colored and ultra feminine frocks with cuts just right to make a statement (without being too loud).  Cheryl has pushed the boundaries of fashion without crossing into that cheesy, overly dramatic area that is common in relation to period fashions.  The truly great designers of our time never limit themselves to the boundaries of traditional glamor and Saisonniers’ is no exception; beautifully done Cheryl Curtis…

I attribute my long time fascination with Shakespeare’s Juliet as the inspiration for this collection.  I am particularly captivated by her character – feisty yet innocent and strong yet fragile. In a world where feminine beauty seems so often entwined with overt sexuality and over confidence, I see in Juliet a true, natural and vulnerable beauty. It was my intention to create a non trend led collection with a sense of drama and an air of innocence, femininity and an element of quirkiness. I wanted to blend my Juliet with the seasonal changes that nature displays. This is apparent in shape, texture and uneven hemlines and made using natural fabrics including lace, silk and cotton. My colour choices reflect the varying themes of annual changes allowing each garment to take up its very own personality just like the seasons.











True passion never dies. it has taken me a lifetime to reach the point where I am able to do all that I have ever dreamed of. I am proof that you can achieve your goals no matter what age you are.

 I am a highly motivated Designer who enjoys creating feminine and quirky garments. My design inspiration comes from almost anywhere, but I am constantly influenced by my love of “The Natural World“ and it’s changing seasons. 

I have a desire to experiment with the ‘Unique’ and ‘Unusual’ which is further fueled by my vast experience within the Retail Fashion Industry.  Researching new subjects for design inspiration, experimenting with a variety of fabrics and draping on the stand are key to my process and I am constantly exploring new ways to pattern cut. 

I do not have an ideal customer as I would like to think that anyone who enjoys experimenting with colours, shapes and textures would consider wearing my garments. I am always exploring ways to ensure that my clothing is of the highest quality and comfort.

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