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A Sir Fawn & Akhil Sesh Presentation

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Sir Fawn and Akhil Sesh latest work is simply unbelievable. Equipped with a vintage USSR lens, Sir Fawn has captured several timeless shots of Yeezy (Kanye West) during the Yeezus Tour and  yes;  they are every bit of awesome. The Stampd LA GODS collection is still under wraps, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest!


Belief is everything. By accessing the true power of the soul, one’s innate ability enables them to  unleash powers which can make the transformation from mere mortals into GODS.

Science has proven that the human brain uses only ten percent of its capabilities at an all time maximum output. Think about it folks, if we were able to access 100% of our brain power like Bradley Cooper in Limitless (pills are bad kids) we wouldn’t be tripping balls, yet instead pervading in bliss on a higher plane.

We are all capable of tapping into this potential – after all, apparently humanity was made in the image of God. The key is an attitude shift. Our positive thoughts can emit & be in tune with supreme wavelengths that the universe reciprocates with time. Whatever we believe – we are. For WE ARE ALL GODS.

– In Gods We Trust-



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