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Pin Show Dallas 2014 designer preview continued…




Rochelle Rodriguez –   “In an industry where unhealthy body types plague the media, Rochelle Rodriguez Clothing stands out above the competition, striving to use ideas and designs which promote a healthy body image. When asked about her designs, Rodriguez shares, ‘My only goal is to create beautiful clothes that women will feel special in—any place and any time.'”

You may remember Rochelle from the 2013 Pin Show; Oh how I do remember that Hollywood essence gripping me from the runway.  And, if it’s even humanly possible, Rochelle has added even more to her fabulous roster… if the rumors about her new bridal line are true.  I will definitely be on the hunt for you at the Pin Show this year for more details, Rochelle Rodriguez!




LHP (LEFT-HANDED PISCES) – “If you want a lavish ball gown, I would choose Oscar De La Renta. If you want a Couture Wedding dress, I would suggest Vera Wang. But when it comes to wanting trendy, fun expressive, one of a kind clothing, you choose none other than LHP!!!”

Love it!  WINNING!  We’ve got plenty of pretty dress designers but this right here takes some creative brain power baby; stuff of genius!   I see goth, hip hop and S&M skillfully blended into something innovative but totally palatable.  LHP don’t even think of leaving the Pin Show until we’ve had a little chat.  I’m hoping to absorb some of your talent by osmosis!



melancholic designers

Melancholic Designers2

Melancholic Designers – Gorgeous steampunk inspired high fashion goodness for your everyday life.  Designer Jesse Thaxton successfully walks the tightrope between costume and high fashion; sure to be a good show!  Show’em how it’s done, Jesse.


Ann Hoang By Ann Hoang

Ann Hoang

Ann Hoang2

Ann Hoang – “Ann Hoang is a fashion designer specializing in celebrity and red carpet fashion.  As a Texas’ Next Top Designer Finalist, Ann Hoang’s collection was named “Most Classic” by Top Trendsetter International.  Ann Hoang’s design concept is all about flattering the female figure while maintaining class and simplicity.”

Ann, you’re eye for color is truly inspired.  How you managed to make a chartreuse evening gown sexy is beyond my understanding; but there it is!  Ann Hoang makes dresses women will hang in their closet years after they’ve out grown them, right next to that channel and Dolche & Gabbana.

This one woman



This One Woman – “Hello! I am Emme, the woman behind This One Woman jewelry designs.  I create luxurious, collectible, one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry collections. Creating jewelry enables me to articulate an abstract thought without words. It is such an integral part of who I am that I cannot be separated from it.”

This One Woman accessories are so organic I feel like you can plant them in the ground and a jewelry tree will grow.  I love how each piece is a “statement piece” but stated with “inside voices”.  Way to keep it classy, Emme!




Sandbarri – “Sandbarri was founded with the goal of offering the elegance and comfort of everyday wear for women, while incorporating the finest fabrics, beautiful design detail, and the “sway of simplicity.” Design inspiration comes from the nature’s simplest detail, and by the contemporary and classical arts. “

These guys aren’t even giving us the tiniest morsel of their Fall 2014 collection!  All I can know is if it’s even half as good as the last, it is worth the wait.  Their breezy little numbers take me straight to the coast, wind in my hair, fresh sea air… *ocean noises*

 So if you aren’t simply wrought with giddiness about the Pin Show this year check your pulse!  I have been talking about this for weeks, not so gently peer pressuring all of my design friends to go with me this year.  Can’t wait to see each and every fabulous design up close and what makes each of you tick!  See you at the Pin Show!

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