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We are in official count down mode to The Pin Show over here at Envynde.  After Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and maybe Christmas the only other thing we look forward to is The Pin Show!!!  Less than one month away now we are shamelessly internet stalking the Pin Show designers, dying to get a little peek.  So feast your eyes.


Becky Holland

Becky Hollands – “Becky’s work is often described as modern and timeless with a note of “effortlessness.” The Becky Hollands label is a celebration of the individualistic woman who is confident, artistic, and the ultimate “modern sophisticate.”

And… that really says it all.  Each piece gives a little “60’s glam” to the 21st century girl.  Becky makes “that outfit” that the “it girl” wears to the cocktail party.  Can’t wait to see more Becky!




Le’Vinity – “Etienne’s distinctive propensity is to gracefully bring together seemingly opposed elements such as hard and soft through arcetechual color blocking.”

I am always deeply moved by a male designer who know’s what a woman wants more than she does.  Le’Vinity captures that same mystique as my favorite, boisterous Project Runway designer Elena Slivnyak but his willingness to play with different textures and trims is what makes it Le’Vinity.


  Delvin Paris

Blokes and Divas

blokes n divas – “A fashion label that creates stunning couture and ready-to-wear garments fit for dramatically changing the way ethnic fashion is seen and appreciated.”

blokes n divas is kind of like an optical allusion – the longer you look at it the more you see.  It starts out as really fresh and unique dresses for her and fashionable tunics for him and slowly morphs into fashion made for African royalty.  Fashion mind trickery…


gia_rodriguez Gia Rodriguez2

Gia Rodriguez

Gia Rodriguez – “Each piece is designed to address the need for stand out accessories that add a special something to every outfit, yet are functional enough to meet the lifestyle demands of the modern woman.”

Gia… just stop with the fabulousness, stop it I say!  The fringe bohemian sexiness and the juicy, bright hotness.  I can’t even form complete sentences!  My mind is about to explode!  You better work that Pin Show runway Gia!



Little Day

Little Day Dresses – “Put on a dress and you are transformed! Take off your yoga pants. Be beautiful every day. Handcrafted in the USA out of the best possible fabrics, Little Day visualizes women’s clothing for your little day. Our flattering dresses are designed for your life and are easy-care with pockets for your essentials. Little Day dresses are simple, one-piece garments, perfect for perking up everyday life.”

Cute right?  Soooo cute.  Oh-ma-gosh so cute!  These are the kind of little dresses I stuff my closet with.  Little Day Dresses get me… and I get you too.




Cykochik – “Founder/Owner Nikki Duong Koenig is the “Chik” in Cykochik – which she’d started in her tiny SMU dorm.  Cykochik has grown to be an internationally recognized socially responsible brand known for our creative, custom-made, eco and animal-friendly vegan handbags and accessories.”

Started in a dorm room now she’s here!  Cykochik is so expressive and fun; sporting one of these piece sends an unmistakable message to the world – “I came to rock the party!


Hardly Alice



Hardly Alice – “High-brow threads for people with a high tolerance for nonsense.”

Indeed!  The nonsensical, whimsey is mind boggling.  I love how they are designing pieces make you wonder “How have I survived without these?!” That Peter Pan collar and those lace suspenders are in my immediate future.



Marek+Richard – “Founded in May 2011 by Neil Marek and Robbie Richard (two boys who met while pursuing fashion degrees at The University of North Texas), M+R is a causal knitwear line based in Dallas, Texas. It offers a wide range of rad gear (everything from jockstraps to sweatpants) in collections inspired by FUN STUFF like street fashion, youth trends and pop-culture.”

Marek+Richard  has been a show stopper  every year we have attended the Pin Show and we don’t expect this year to be any different.  Prepare to laugh and shed a few tears of laughter as several pairs of vibrant men’s undergarments  breeze down the runway.  Lets face it, the Pin Show wouldn’t be the same without them!


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