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The Wristlet watch designed by Waves Design Studio is not only a great looking watch, it’s a watch that carries over 100 years of history! Equipped with a Swiss Quartz Movement, sapphire crystal and a English calf leather  wrist band, the Wristlet stands miles apart from modern watches. Though the construction and build of the band is impressive, the Swiss Movement is the real bonus. The  Swiss Movement is highly regarded and respected around the world for it’s precision and quality. Of course a Japanese Movement is another great alternative, but the Swiss still reign king. So in addition to getting a beautifully designed watch, you can rest assured that the movement of this watch is top notch and will stand the test of time. And that’s just simply awesome.



 Leather straps for wristlets are all handmade and it’s a very labor intensive process to make them. Leather used in these wristlets is very high quality English calf leather.


Our Story & Inspiration
In the 18th and 19th Century, the majority of men used pocket watches to keep time. There were some technical and social barriers that the modern wristwatches had to overcome to become essential part of every man’s wardrobe as we know today. This is true, despite the fact that, all gadgets used today have a built in clock and wristwatches are not needed to tell the time!

The History Behind the Wristlet:

The Second Boer War was fought between the British and descendants of Dutch settlers called Boers (farmers) between 1899 and 1902 in Southern Africa. The Boers operated as self-organizing commando units; they knew the terrain, and were highly motivated. Against such a highly mobile adversary, British officers were forced to develop the technique of using precision timing to coordinate troop movements and synchronize attacks against the Boer’s positions.


At first pocket watches were adapted by being placed in leather cups with wrist straps like the one shown in the picture. These were often called “wristlets” and had the benefit that a man could wear his watch on his wrist when circumstances demanded, and then return it to his pocket when fashion rather than expediency ruled.

Dr. Konrad Knirim wrote a book called ‘British Military Timepieces’ in which he’s written lot of about Wristlet watches. Thanks to him for letting us use some pictures (from his book) of soldiers proudly sporting their Wristlet watches. – Waves Design Studio



Strap Material: English Calf Leather

Movement:Swiss Quartz Movement

Crystal: Sapphire

Case Diameter: 37mm and 32mm

Wristlet Diameter: 45mm and 37mm

Case Thickness: 8mm Face Diameter: 32mm(for 37mm case) and 27mm (for 32mm case)

Band Width: 22mm and 20mm




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