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Its no big  secret that I’m a fan of Lexell watches. When the company obliterated it’s $15k  campaign goal via Kickstarter, I couldn’t  have been more excited that these one of a kind watches were here to stay. I had previously covered Lexell during their campaign run last year and even though some time has passed, my sentiment of these watches have not changed.  Lexell watches are absolutely memorizing and the stone bezel is the icing on the cake. I can say with absolute certainty that you will not find a stone watch ( not counting the diamond encrusted)  that looks better than a Lexell. Nonetheless, if your looking for a high profile but reasonably priced watch to add to your rotation, look no further than Lexell. Lexell  stone watches are sure to  be all the praise & glory among your peers as soon as it graces your wrist.


Most watches are made out of the same materials. We built something unique by creating watches made out of natural stone.

Stone Watch

Inspired by watch enthusiasts who had been collecting for years, Lexell Stone Watches were inspired by the realization that so many watches on the market today were relatively similar. They were all mostly made of the same materials. Now, with watches made of granite, slate, and quartzite, Lexell’s stone watches are truly unique.



The Story of Lexell Stone Watches:

Lexell’s comet. 

Regardless of price point, most of the watches out there are very similar. We set out a watch that would truly be unique. We created the first ever stone and steel watch. From the beginning we were told that it could not be done because others had tried it. They said it would be impossible to cut the stone down to such small and precise measurements. They said that even if it were possible, it would be too expensive because of all the wasted resources. We couldn’t take no for answer and we decided to try anyways.   It started with dozens of watch designs. Then, we had to figure out how to cut the stone. We spent time visiting numerous stone cutting factories on multiple continents and they kept saying they weren’t interested in cutting such small pieces for watches. We struggled with stone quarries too that said they were only interested in selling large slabs of stone.   Soon enough, we realized that it wasn’t that it couldn’t be done, but rather that we needed to find the right people to do it. After hearing no multiple times, we slowly but surely built the right team that was prepared to make these unique timepieces.   We launched our campaign on Kickstarter and within 72 hours we raised over $100,000. Our campaign target was exceeded by over 1,400%. In total, we raised over $220,000.



Womens_Silver_Lexell_Stone Watch

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