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The most important thing a man can do is to buy clothes that actually fit.  America has made it extremely easy for the consumer to walk in to a local department store and purchase a ready-to-wear suit that may fit with little to no tailoring. Unfortunately, this is a terrible practice and you will soon regret this timely purchase.  I would be a hypocrite  if I didn’t admit I made these very mistakes. It was when I  purchased  my first  tuxedo that I had my “A-Ha!” moment and never looked back. I learned that the tailor is as just as important as the quality of your suit, and skimping out on either of these will surely leave you looking unpolished. Your suit should be treated as your armor; polished and worn with then utmost confidence. Even if you lack the confidence, a well tailored suit will instill it.  I borrowed the image below (Courtesy of Sartorial6) to show exactly how important it is to have a suit properly tailored.


 Don’t go to some cheap alterations and dry-cleaning store. Though some may have sufficient skill, it’s nothing compared to what real tailors can do for you. That was my first mistake. I spent $130 from an alterations place and though it achieved the slim-fitted look I wanted, it was undermined by the wrinkles made when I shuffled around – something tailors are constantly aware of. Lucky it was a polyester suit. I’ve since paid double the amount from real tailors that have done wonders on other suits. – Sartorial6

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Now that we have that out of the way, lets cover the real reason for this post. Martin de Tours looks to offer men a Accessible, efficient, and Revolutionary way to purchase a tailored suit at affordable pricing points at the click of a button. With custom suits starting at $495 and of better quality of what you would find in most department stores, Martin de Tours is fulfilling a  void that the great Michele Savoia sought to achieve( A secondary line of menswear suiting with department store prices for the younger generation to keep style alive).  But it appears Martin de Tours has already elevated themselves to take on this task (minus the department stores) and boy are they doing one heck of a job. But just don’t take my word for it, Nate Hopper of Esquire also weighed in with his thoughts.

Martin de Tours Suit

Our Story:

Martin de Tours Clothier started when two long-time friends found themselves questioning the difficulties associated with purchasing a quality suit. After an exhausting search for a great fitting suit that didn’t break the bank, they realized that what they were looking for did not yet exist. And so, they created Martin de Tours Clothier.


Martin de Tours Suit

Our Product
We offer custom made-to-measure men’s suits, shirts and separates made from the finest wool and cotton fabrics.  With nearly every customization option imaginable, our garments become the unique creation of each of our guests. One of the Company founders is particularly fond of interestingly worded and placed monogramming.  He calls it the “corporate tattoo”…we’re not judging…


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Martin de Tours is:

  • Accessible. We created Martin de Tours on the premise that all men should have the experience of owning clothing made exclusively for them. Historically, the luxury of made-to-measure clothing was only in reach for a lucky few…until now.
  • Efficient. A customized experience combining extraordinary customer service, innovative technology, and sophisticated production techniques.
  • Revolutionary. We are the only online custom clothing retailer that offers you your very own personal style consultant dedicated to making the process as seamless as possible.

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No more Commission Crazed Associates…

Our Valets won’t push product on you. Rather, from wherever you are in the world, they’ll navigate you either in person or virtually through the full experience of purchasing a slow crafted made-to-measure Martin de Tours suit. We hand-picked our team from some of the most notable names in the industry, and not only are they super knowledgeable, but pretty cool.

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  • Sky Taylor

    i’ve always found light grey option to be a personal favorite for a summer suit, also sometimes double breasted although a bit tricky to pull off with hot summers!

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  • emily aaron

    Great Martin de Tours Clothier!!!Every men should afford for the best clothing in his lifetime. And these men’s suits will definitely make the men to rule their style with the unique make and design.