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Pin Show 2014

The Pin Show, as usual, rocked my face off.  I didn’t know what to expect when I heard the venue was The Goodyear Plant, but now I’m convinced Julie and her team can pull off a successful fashion show anywhere.  This year’s Pin Show was more than just a fashion show – there was live art, a Stila make-up station, Pin Show merchandise, live music, and a food truck with sliders that gave my life meaning…  It was an all out fashion festival!  However, my main focus did not stray.  I came hungry for indie fashion and to say I was satisfied is a bit of an understatement.


Coco Franco

coco franco2

Envynde’s Thoughts: Coco Franco really played with hard and soft; a little warrior princess in the front and Greek Goddess action in the back.  This line was inspired by “Dia de los muertos” but didn’t take the literal approach; no skulls, just edge.  I absolutely ate up the unusual fabric combos.  Images of tulle, leather and chiffon are still dancing down the runway in my mind.

Gia Rodriguez 

gia r

Envynde’s Thoughts: Gia, I cannot believe you made it out of there without an interview with me…  because I was definitely on the prowl.  Gia Rodriguez handbags are even more stunning in person.  Each bag has so much attitudeThe fringe just goes on and on and I love that some bags are have strong architectural lines but others are so soft and feminine.  I want to see more and more of Gia Rodriguez.


Becky Hollands

becky hollands

Envynde’s Thoughts:  Becky Hollands was an unexpected twist.  I expected more of the super sexy gowns I saw on her website.  Instead Becky turned down the glam and turned up the sophistication giving her customer more options for the day time.  I have always thought the key to a successful designer is one who helps build your wardrobe and Becky has tapped into that.



Envynde’s Thoughts: c.h.r.o.m.a was sort of a diamond in the rough for me.  When I internet stalked this designer before the Pin Show my take was – simple and easy to wear.  But c.h.r.o.m.a brought their A game to the Pin Show.  These military, and color blocked looks were in a class of their own.



Meg Morgan2

Envynde’s ThoughtsIf Pocahontas were alive today and she had a really high fashioned stylist, her stylist would dress her in megMORGAN.  Loving the fringe and the earthy but fresh high contrast color mashups.


Envynde’s Thoughts:  Although very goth, this line just oooooozed sex appeal.   There were pieces for every body type and I love that they didn’t scrimp on the details.  Kae & Jae designed a line for today’s “dark angel” diva.  It is much easier to design sensible garments for today’s woman but this collection was a taste of tomorrow’s fashion.


M.V.C by Misty Chanel


Envynde’s ThoughtsM.V.C by Misty Chanel was designed with a woman’s curves in mind.  Too often full figure designers or plus size designers just take today’s trends and scales them up a few sizes… not always a formula for success.  But Misty designed a line with perfect proportions and strategic color blocking with a sophisticated, fashion conscience, full figured woman in mind.  Bingo!

This One Woman


Envynde’s Thoughts:  This One Woman  stole the show.  Every piece made such a bold statement.  Something like, “I am the hottest thing in the room.”  These necklaces are so luxurious, each so unique and different from the last.  I think the true test is when a design envokes an emotional reaction and my heart was racing for sure.




Envynde’s Thoughts:  Yomono was surprise after surprise: knee length frock with a bell sleeve; a lace front corset; a plaid ankle length dress. Don’t blink you might miss something!  Yomono is daring and adventurous and had everyone craning their necks to see all the imaginative details on each garment.


Little Day Dresses

Little Day1

Envynde’s Thoughts:  You know I love every single designer we blog about but I am unapologetically declaring Little Day Dresses as my fav fav favorite of all!   Every single dress is a must have.  Every single dress will look good on whoever wears it; tall, short, skinny, curvy, doesn’t matter!  Every print, and every silhouette transends body types, skin tones and individual tastes.  Little Day… if loving you is wrong… I don’t wanna be right.



Envynde’s Thoughts:  I came to the Pin Show thinking I had done my homework but I was wrong.  Show of hands if you were as pleasantly surprised by not just the styling but also the perfect construction of folksie… Now show of hands if you fell out of your seat when you saw that the Pin Show producer herself, Julie McCullough was the designer!  folksie was an upbeat line with an air of class and sophistication.  Seriously, where does Julie find the time?



Envynde’s Thoughts: Finally the suspense ends with the unveiling of the Sandbarri Fall / Winter line.  The lookbook on their site led one to believe that Sandbarri was a cruise wear type dress company.  In reality Sandbarri is a very complex line of women’s separates.  And just when you thought to yourself “Wow that was great!  Couldn’t possibly top that.” Then Mr. Aldo Sandoval tops off the segment with a marriage proposal to his business partner (and now life partner) Annie Barrientos.  Wishing you good luck and high fashion in your new lives together.

Sandbarri Proposal

Hardly Alice

hardly alice

Envynde’s Thoughts: As Hardly Alice sauntered down the runway I watched a wave of smiles flash across peoples faces.  The fingerless gloves, the stockings and kitty ear headbands they all gave me the warm fuzzies.  I asked the designer of Hardly Alice, G.G., to help me pin point which parts of her looks she created, as I was under the impression that she was an accessories designer.  To my surprise she shared with me that “Everything was mine, I did the entire look for this show.  This was the first time, for this show.”  Over achiever!  Her line was polished to perfection and everything went so well together, totally justifying one’s need to buy every single piece.




Envynde’s Thoughts:  So if I leaned nothing else from the Pin Show I learned how to get a rise out of your audience.  Take handsome men in wild underoos, add some mile high platforms and send them down the runway – POW!  With the experience I have in men’s underwear production I know the challenges that come with it and I just have so much respect for the unique, high quality product Thriii has produced.



Envynde’s Thoughts: This was another designer I was excited to see at the pin show.  Left Handed Pieces, usually known for their futuristic style gave us a slightly more refined tailored look a the Pin Show.  When I asked her why she said “I was inspired by menswear and as I stared designing it evolved.  The reason for the structure is, you know, I was coming to the Pin Show.  But I wanted to still showcase my personal style with a more formal look.”  LHP is why Dallas fashion is worth a second look.

Ann Hoang by Ann Hoang

Ann Hoang1

Envynde’s Thoughts:  When Ann Hoang hit the runway I began to question if I had been paying attention at all when I did my Pre-Pin Show Designer homework.  Because I had pegged Ann Hoang as an evening wear designer but in actuality this is a very multifaceted line.  Ann showed us some very diverse day to night looks each classy enough to wear with a blazer to work but sexy enough for date night.  Tres Chic!



Envynde’s Thoughts Cykochik was everything I expected – bright, colorful and sassy.  Alone her bags are  conversation pieces but they also happen to look good with any outfit; casual but easy to dress up.  And this collection offered so many different styles you could stack  up a sizable collection of these and have a Cykochik bag for every day of the month.  Not that I’ve fantasized about that or anything…



Envynde’s  Thoughts:  What else is there to say about Marek+Richard?  These guys are no doubt Pin Show stoppers.  They lit up the runway with bold color blocked mesh pieces cleverly styled with delicious junk food necklaces.  With Marek+Richard what you see is what you get – hot men’s knitwear not intended for the faint of heart.  I asked Neil Marek what made him want to be an underwear designer and he told me “Knitwear is such a predominant area within the fashion industry right now and Marek+Richard is a menswear brand so we thought it was a great niche.”

But the question burning on my mind was where do you guys come up with your themes?  Last year it was boom boxes and now necklaces with giant food items?  Neil’s answer was unforgettable “Well I’m trying really hard to be vegan so I think the temptation of fast food lately has really been gettin’ to me.”  HAHAAAA PRICELESS!  Don’t give in to the dark side Neil!

Tracy Popken


Envynde’s Thoughts:  Tracy… you had me at chambray romper but you didn’t stop there.  Then there was what seemed like an endless number of highwaisted numbers and Aztec inspired prints and I was hooked.  With Tracy Popken you can guanratee that every piece is going to be timeless and for the woman who doesn’t buy into every “here-today-gone-tomorrow” trend, that is very enticing.


Rochelle Rodriguez

Rochelle Rodriguez

Envynde’s Thoughts:  The crowd went wild when Rochelle’s name flashed across the screen.  Even if you aren’t familiar with this designer it’s easy to understand why.  Rochelle Rodriguez gowns are jaw dropping and alluring and she somehow managed to up the ante this year with her stunning bridal collection.  Her fabric selections are incredible but the real genius here isn’t just the fabric – it’s what she’s able to do with them.  I might have to start stalking this girl in the fabric store…


Meloncholic Designers

Melancholic Designers1

Envynde’s Thoughts:  Feeding your need for Steampunk iiiiiit’s Meloncholic Designers!   Thought this one needed a proper introduction considering they took an already amazing show and catapulted it through the roof.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of steam punk before but I’ve also never seen it done this good.  I love the imagination and style sense we’ve seen from Meloncholic Designers.


blokes ‘n’ divas

Blokes 'n' Divas1

Envynde’s Thoughts:  blokes ‘n’ divas was very fresh and earthy.  Give me a tie-dyed tube dress any day of the week.  While many of the Pin Show designers threw all the tricks into their designs blokes ‘n’ divas kept it clean and simple.  The colors were hot and the silhouettes were sexy.  What more do you need?




Envynde’s Thoughts:  Le’Venity was the obvious choice to close the Pin Show.  The entire collection was cohesive, sexy and perfectly constructed; and I’m kind of a construction nerd so I calls’em as I sees’em.  I asked Vinny to explain his inspiration for his collection and his answer was intriguing. “It was me being inspired by different worlds in a war.” Then I told him I did sensed a little Japanese flavor, and I got a high five and we bonded and stuff.  Vinny, keep it coming!


Photo Credit – Crystal Chatmon and J. Marquis

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