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What the Cufflinks?!

What the Cufflinks?!  specializes in creating geeky cuff-links inspired by art, music, pop-culture with a hint of nostalgia. From Spiderman to Kurt Cobain, Mikey (Graphic Artist) and Jun (Designer) of  What the Cufflinks?!   are committed to changing the world one sleeve at a time. What better way to dress up your shirt with a few custom cufflinks?  Though subtle, What the Cufflinks?!  cuff-link’s  offer you the perfect opportunity to  display a piece of your personality.  And what better way to do than rocking a pair of What the Cufflinks?! cuff-links?!



Hulk Cufflinks

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with Mikey and Jun and the experience was great. The quality of the cufflinks were top-notch and was  matched with great customer service. They continue to remain the conversation piece whenever worn and I think that’s pretty freaking awesome.  Quality, rarity, and great customer service  all under one roof! But isn’t this the main reason we support our Indie Designers?

  Jimi Hendrix_Cufflinks Kurt_Cobain_Cufflinks Spiderman_Cufflinks TMNT_Cufflinks

  DBZ Cufflinks Stormtrooper_Cufflinks

What the Cufflinks?! is a Manila-based specialty store run by crafty couple Mikey and Jun who are trying to make the world a more colorful place one pair of sleeves at a time.

Mikey is a curator at one of Manila’s oldest galleries by day, and a freelance graphic artist by night.

Jun is a self-employed Interior Designer trained at the prestigious Philippine School of Interior Design.

This is our little corner of the internet. Enjoy your stay

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  • mae

    hi! i’m interested to buy one or two of your cufflinks.. i’m based in Manila & wondering if i can order within Manila and not go through i’ll be waiting for a reply from you guys. thank you!

  • emily aaron

    These cufflinks rock!!!These are splendid collections to fit right with the shirt cuffs that remains fashionable and alluring!!! Great makes!!Wishing to buy them for my acquaintances.