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It seems the new common theme amongst my social circles is “de-cluttering” in every sense of the word.  We are cleaning out our closets, our make-up bags, sewing rooms; pretty much maximize our quality of life using less “stuff”!  So when I saw MinkeeBlue Handbags I actually slipped into daydream mode – I was skipping… in slow motion… from place to place with one, only one, convenient yet fashionable handbag.  Gone were the days of gym-bag-lunch-bag-handbag juggling act.  It was glorious *sigh*.  When you see these bags you will probably have a moment of your own.  Make sure you’re sitting before you scroll down.






“Established in 2012, MinkeeBlue, LLC was founded on the principle that every woman deserves a handbag as versatile and fashion-forward as she. MinkeeBlue’s patent pending utility design features a 2-in-1 handbag and adjustable compartment system, eliminating the need to carry two, three, or four bags at a time.

Sherrill Mosee, founder and inventor of MinkeeBlue set out to solve a problem she calls, the ‘overload bag syndrome’. “Its’ common to see women, including myself, carrying two or three bags at a time—a purse, laptop bag and lunch bag,” says Mosee. “Add motherhood and it’s possible to see a fourth bag—the diaper bag”. Mosee wanted to create a fashionable handbag for busy professional women whose role changes throughout the day—caregiver, employee, traveler and fitness enthusiast.”

RIGHT ON SHERRILL!  Dunno about you but a MinkeeBlue hangbag is on the TOP of my Christmas list.  Yes, i know it’s June…  So you know all you need to know.  Less chatter, more shopping!  To get your Minkee Blue bag go to

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