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Choosing the proper Instagram filter for your photo is all in a days work, but how about a pair of filters for your eyes?  Created to make your day look ten times better, Tens has created a pair of sunglasses that are, well….. a real life photo filter.  Sure it sounds like something that’s out of this world, but the concept in ingenious and quite simple. Photo filter + eyes = Love at first sight.  The equation is simple, and will surely change the way you will look at your summer’s. Heck,  my only concern would be Facebook swooping in and buying Ten’s out only to rename the brand “Facebook Insta-Glasses”. A dreadful name that would be, and  I certainly hope this doesn’t happen anytime soon. The guys over at Tens are on to something and it could be possibly the next big thing in they eye-wear business.

Tens ~ #TheRealLifePhotoFilter from Tom Welsh on Vimeo.


Instagram Glasses

The lens features UV400 protection, blocking 100% of harmful rays. Made from a CR-39 plastic polymer, the lens is scratch resistant – holding up to the rigours of everyday life.

Filter Glasses

Tens is a sunglasses brand with a simple ambition; to make your day look ten times better. Through our custom lens tint we aim to add an extra burst of colour to your summer.


Filter sunglasses


Tens is defined by the idea of filtering the things you see through our custom, sense-heightening lens tint. Whilst typical sunglasses block out the light with desaturated, cold colours; Tens work with the warmth of the sun to lend an uplifting tint to the world beyond the lens.


Photo Filter Glasses

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