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With a Yes Man Watch two things are clear: It will be just as ecstatic as you are when the clock strikes 5pm or 5AM if your an early bird,  and always a  comfortable fit. Designed to  serve as a reminder that life is more than a 9-5 grind, Yes Man Watches will quietly remind you of the importance of your time and your  limitless potential outside of that mundane cubicle.  Armed with an adjustable buckle  to accommodate multiple wrist sizes, Yes Man Watches will always deliver a comfortable fit  while preserving the nature of the leather. And that’s really a big deal.  No longer will you be  plagued with wearing your watch on the “tight” side, swapping out deteriorating leather bands or creating make shift notches with a kitchen knife, you can now slap on a watch and slide it to the perfect fit.  And well…. That’s just awesome. Backed with a Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement to keep you on time and a vibrant white/blue display, YMW’s is sure spark a few conversation of it’s origin.

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There is a reason our logo is placed at the 5 mark. Too many people feel restricted by tiresome 9-5 jobs. Life is full of constraints, but truly there isn’t anything holding you back but yourself. Start chasing your dreams and who knows where you’ll end up. Your potential is limitless; maybe you won’t need that 9-5 job anymore.

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Nowadays most watches have straps with holes that damage the leather. The strap gets worn out from pressure every time you adjust it. Never rock a worn out leather strap again with our buckle that keeps the leather looking new by taking pressure off the leather. Use our buckle to ensure your leather strap continues to look fresh. Our new buckle has twice as many sizing options, guaranteeing a comfortable fit every-time. Instead of holes, we have a row of notches inserted in the leather. When you put our buckle on, you slide the leather through the buckle, and the buckle catches on these individual notches, making for an abundance of sizes.

Yes Man Watches

Our unique watch buckle creates the perfect fit, every time. This is more than just a watch; It’s a way to consider your use of time.

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 Case Material: 316L

Stainless Steal Case Diameter: 42mm

Face Diameter: 40mm

Case Thickness: 11mm

Band Width: 24mm

Buckle Material: 316L Stainless Steel

Movement: Japanese Miyota Quartz Movement

Water Resistance: 3 ATM

Warranty: One Year

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