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Kustome Collabo: Luxury Sneakers No One Is Talking About

Kustome Collabo

The footwear industry has grown quite boring and ever expensive over the last few years, and the only thing keeping the industry afloat are throwbacks, limited supply and re-sellers inflating the prices. This serves as a testament of lack of creativity and commitment  from the footwear industry. All the more reason why I continue to  purchase sneakers created and designed by independent designers.          Kustome Collabo’s Renaissance (seen below)  are set to be the hottest sneakers to hit the streets this summer and chances are you’ve probably never heard of them. Designed and created by a handful of  sneaker connoisseurs, Kustome Collabo is for the few who wish to elevate their style and sneaker collections.  The collective minds behind Kustome Collabo  posses grit, vision and something beyond the status-quo, which may serve as the much needed industry correction. Wreaking of luxury, quality, and  sophistication, very  few brands in present day dare to dream of creating this mash-up masterpiece. With a decade in the making, Kustome Collabo couldn’t come soon enough.




What would the ultimate sneaker look like? What would it be used for? In order to qualify for that title each element of the shoe’s design would need to be carefully measured against all of the classics… systematically. The ultimate sneaker would be sporty enough for jeans and formal enough to rock a runway. Those are the ideas within the concept of the Renaissance mid. 

custom cool shoes high top

Double-check the work for yourself. Have you ever seen a better tongue logo; a sweeter lacing system, or more thorough colors? Probably not. Special features for this shoe include a custom made circular-box-barrel link on the pull tab assembly, full length air-bladder sock linings… wrapped in genuine leather, brass tipped wax laces, and a lit gold shoebox that comes complete with shoe bags and a cleaning kit. We’re releasing this shoe in two colors including the featured “Scuba” (Navy/ white/ Peanut), a universal American staple and legend in the making.

men custom high top shoes

KUSTOME COLLABO is a luxury brand developed by sneaker connoisseurs for collectors and those who live a rockstar lifestyle and search for product that’s exclusive and well refined. Originally conceived in New York City in 2008 Kustome combined a traditional tech sports business plan, and a couture house. Priced out of the range of the ordinary consumer, Kustome is positioned for clientele who demand integrity and a truly exclusive experience. For this reason only a few of the most elite boutiques worldwide will carry our entire collection.



The secret behind our signature styling lies within the old adage, “There’s power in numbers”. Kustome has harnessed that thought by carefully accumulating some of the most talented designers in the footwear industry to collaborate and create a super brand. This feat has literally been decades in the making. Some of these design prodigies have collaborated in the past, and most of them were selected by their peers on the team. Thus the chemistry of the group is unique in itself, but the creative output is awe inspiring. The title bestowed upon this group is “The Roundtable”.

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