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So fashion is subjective right?  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?  Let me start over…

Last week marked the beginning of Project Runway Season 13.  I’m a little behind on my “Project Runwaying” but I finally watched this weekend.  As a designer I am endlessly fascinated by this show.  Watching designers go through the selection process, the clothes, the crazy personalities; it’s scary and motivating and then scary again all at once!!!  If you are anything like me… you get pretty emotionally invested.

Watching the numbers dwindle as the season goes on is the most intense part of all.  For one, everyone who got eliminated was good enough to be a contender just earlier that day, and in a moment *POOF* they’re gone.  Frankly, sometimes it’s hard to understand where the judges are coming from; discerning why they pick certain designers over others CAN MAKE’A YOU CRAZY.  We’ve all put ourselves in the shoes of the designers, and then the shoes of the judges and imagined all of the things we would have done differently.  Seeing what the judges like verses what the audience likes is one thing but this episode we got to see what the designers thought of each other’s work.  It’s got me a bit shaken!

How did the designers of Project Runway Season 13 unanimously agree that Sandhya lost the challenge but the judges all voted her number one?  I don’t know about you but this makes me question some things.  Is the motive of the show to find high quality talent or is this decision a plot to get people talking?  OR are the judges just on a much higher fashion plane than all of us 2 dimensional, conventional thinkers?  Take a look at the winning garment and tell me what you think.  Fashion is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?  Behold…

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 11.41.41 AM



Thoughts? Is this a winning garment?  Is this a great idea possibly misunderstood?  I want to hear your opinions on this.  Leave your comments!!!

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  • Narvell

    No Ma’am. This is not cute. Sorry but I would not purchase this.

  • Erin Beverly-Prince

    Personally, I’m not the most fashion forward person but other than the ombre on top of the floral pattern (at least that’s what the picture looks like) I hate the top of the sleeves and the neckline is a bit weird. Some of the other designs I’ve seen from that episode were a lot better and more practical for a consumer market. It’s different if you are constructing items for runway ONLY but if the goal is to have real people wear it? Nope, this fails! I’m sure a portion of it is to get people talking and watching the show but I would be too irritated if this kept happening and I would stop watching.

  • RabidNYCSquirrel

    I think not! This is better fitted for a zombie in The Walking Dead.

  • VGDallas

    I don’t think this is innovative or fashion-forward at ALL! My goodness it looks like an unfinished garment. It looks amateur at best and the frayed hem/sleeves-I have no words. It looks ill-fit and just awful…..awful! Not impressed and SO very disappointed in the judges.

  • Whitney

    what the heck!?!? that looks a mess! I stopped watching project runway a few seasons ago. I felt like it was starting to become redundant and it wasn’t exciting any more……..maybe because I was in love with Fashion Star (which is now gone :*-( ….oh well). Anyway I don’t like the winning design, gives me another reason as to why I shouldn’t watch it. it looks like its not finished and doesn’t compliment the body. Its not……..cute, just not even a little bit