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I’ll admit, my motivation for this post is for mostly selfish reasons.  I keep forgetting about this awesome website and I’m putting it in the blog to I’ll have it somewhere easily accessible!

Have you heard of RALPHPINK.COM?  It’s this amay-za-zing website with tons of patterns and pattern software and tutorial and and and so much more!  I am fortunate enough to have a skill set that allows me to drape and draft my own patterns but it’s always fun and educational finding new patterns to study and play with.  And if some are free… well just sign me right up.

“The online resource for amateurs, students professionals, and enthusiasts…
Free downloadable garment patterns, Video blog documenting latest collection, video tutorials on print design, digital pattern cutting, fashion illustration, print design and much more.”


Even if you are a total pro I’m sure you could use the refresher 😉 so dig right in –   He also has an amay-za-zing youtube station; which I plan on spending hours of my life on in the very near future –  Now go.  Goooooooo!  Be inspired!  Make fashion!

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