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I have about a million garments to sew before the end of the day BUT I had to stop and blog about what I just saw on Eye Opener!

Heard of the 99-year-old wonder – Lillian Weber?  She just so happens to be single handedly dressing every single little girl in Africa (slight exaggeration but not by much).  Lillian started sewing a dress a day over 840 days ago for a Christian charity to clothe African girls.  Her goal is to have 1000 dresses sewn by her 100th birthday and after she hits that mark she say’s, God willing, she’ll just keep on sewing!  I don’t know for sure if Lillian is an indie designer per se but one thing I know is – she’s inspirational.

I don’t like to categorize people by age, race, social class, etc. but with the elderly population being one of the most marginalized people groups in the world, Lillian deserves a shout out!

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