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Freelancing Smarter – Tips and Tricks for Keeping it Together!


IMG_0437 I got freelance on the brain.  I’ve recently gotten back into the very scary world of one on one custom design.  *CUE HORROR MUSIC*  If one wants to be the Valetino of our time one cannot do so by only creating things for oneself.  That was just my very overly complicated way of saying I was making 2 or 3 outfits a year for just myself and it was time to further challenge myself.  “Why?!” you ask, would a person willingly subject themselves to that sort of hell?  Because, when designing for someone other than yourself you are held to a different set of standards:

•You have a clear deadline – which means you can’t just decide last minute to buy something else to wear to the Christmas party b/c you didn’t finish your dress in time.  Your client needs their outfit for a special occasion and you need to finish not just on time but EARLY.

•Considering cost efficient methods to stay within budget without sacrificing appearance.

•Expectations to be the expert are high which forces you to up your game.

•Time management!!!  Considering someone else schedule while maintaining your delivery date is mandatory.  This mean finding time for consultations and fitting while working full time, patterning, sewing etc.

So I’ve named just a few things I’ve encountered recently with my latest client and it prompted me to dig deeper.  I googled “Client Work” and “Freelance” to see what others have to say on the matter and I thought anyone who has ever custom designed something could benefit from a little extra guidance.  Hope it is helpful!  :-)


The 5 Assumptions That Will Sabotage Your client Work

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Freelancers: How To Work Better With Your Clients

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