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About Us

Somehow the forces of nature have brought you to Envynde.  More than likely you are here for one of four reasons:

A. Because we blogged about you and you’re like “Oh my gosh these strangers like my stuff!”

B. You know someone on our site and you came to give them a shout out.

C. You have a passion for Indie design

D. You’re here totally by accident but WE’RE GLAD YOU STAYED!


Envynde was brought about to help emerging designers be seen in a world where they tend to feel invisible. Our goal is to get designers the exposure that they are having trouble getting on their own. The blog is just step one of our diabolical plan to take over the Indie fashion world… watch closely you won’t want to miss what we have in store!


People ask us all the time “How do I get involved with Envynde?”  Piece of cake!  Send us information on your company (to the email address below) and we will feature you on Envynde, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all for the low, low cost of zero dollars!  All we ask is that you return the favor by mentioning Envynde on your website and share the love!


If you appreciate what we do, then tell others.  When more people know about Envynde, we can do more to help the Indie design community.


Team Envynde

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