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a Sharee Design:Custom Recycled Necktie Purse

Have an old necktie laying around that you want to put to use? Submit those ties to Sharee Johnson of Sharee Designs and she”ll craft one awesome looking purse or clutch for you.  This reminds me of a Project Runway [...]

June 10, 2013 Custom, handmade accessories, Purses, Sustainable, Sustainable fashion, Ties, Women's Wear
Fashion Handbags

Fashionjenn Handbags: Independent Designer Handbags

Few things in this world have the power to render me speechless. But when I entered the website for Fashionjenn Handbags my jaw hit the floor and a stream of incomprehensible squeaks was all that left my mouth. I will [...]

May 6, 2012 Custom, Designer. Handbags, Indie Designer, Indiependent Designer Handbags
Direct hand made leather footwear and accessories

FEIT: Direct Handmade Leather Footwear and Accessories

  It was only a matter of time before I found another  pair of shoes that induced the urge to drool. A little over a week ago, they were LASCO’s and now I would like to introduce you to the [...]

February 13, 2012 Custom, FEIT, Independently designed, Men, Shoes, sneakers